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GV Tires is a leading steering and suspension shop in Vancouver, BC. You are driving through BC when the steering wheel starts to pull to the left. You straighten out the steering wheel, but it only wants to pull away from you again. Or, maybe you are driving and suddenly you hit a speed bump when your back end bounces repeatedly like you have never felt before. Both of these instances are signs of steering and suspension issues that may plague your car or truck if proper steering and suspension inspections and maintenance get away from you. Our mechanics can catch a steering and suspension problem before it develops into a larger issue that may result in a more costly repair.

A steering and suspension inspection and maintenance service at our location in New Westminster, BC. will include an inspection of your car or truck’s shock absorbers and accompanying struts, CV joints, boots, and axle, rack and pinion units, ball joints, bushing, sway bars, tie rods, and wheel bearings. While it is true that each vehicle has its own suspension system, the basics are nearly the same. Shock absorbers and coil or leaf springs take a bulk of the abuse from the road. The shock absorbers absorb the rebounding vibrations of the springs, though they both aid in control. A conventional suspension system is made up of shock absorbers, coils, control arms, shafts, rods, bushing, and joints. Today’s modern front-wheel drive cars and trucks have a strut suspension system that combines many isolated components of a conventional suspension system into one working unit.

So what are the symptoms you should watch for while driving in Vancouver, BC. for a steering and suspension system in need of repairs, replacements, or basic maintenance? Shaky, unsteady and off-center steering are all signs of a likely steering issue. Your car or truck’s shocks, struts or springs may be in need of repair or replacements if you experience excessive bouncing during bumps, intermittent control during breaking and sudden stops, swerving during lane changes and minor maneuvering, diving during quick stops, and sagging in the front or rear of the vehicle. If any of these symptoms are currently plaguing your steering and suspension systems, please do not hesitate another day. Bring your car or truck in to our team of experienced mechanics for a steering and suspension inspection and maintenance service. We will locate and quickly repair the issue in your vehicle’s steering or suspension system in order to save you from a more costly repair down the road in Vancouver, BC.

Your car or truck’s steering and suspension systems help with bearing the weight of your vehicle. The steering and suspension systems are responsible for maintaining a smooth and controlled ride by keeping your car or truck’s tires on the road. Our mechanics realize the importance of thorough repairs concerning steering and suspension systems. We have been servicing all issues involving shock absorbers replacements, strut replacements, tie rod (outer and inner) replacements, sway link replacements, and ball joint (upper and lower) replacements in Vancouver, BC. for years. So call us today to make an appointment to have your car or truck’s steering and suspension examined by a certified mechanic.

When should your steering & suspension be checked out?

Your steering and suspension system should be reviewed on a periodic basis as you hit major milestones. Like all other systems on your car, your steering and suspension systems need occasional maintenance. The best times to inspect your steering and suspension include:

  • Most car manufacturers recommend inspecting each system at every 50,000 miles
  • Annually – regardless of miles – age deteriorates rubber and hydraulic parts
  • When tires are replaced – worn parts can reduce tire life
  • When your brake system is serviced
  • When oil and filter is changed a visual inspection should be performed
  • If you observe fluid leaking where you park
  • Anytime your vehicle is in for routine service and the steering and suspension is accessible
  • When you feel that your car exhibits any irregular control or handling characteristics

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