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Tire Install and Balance | WHEEL BALANCING & TIRE MOUNTING Having your new or used tires balanced can be the difference between a good drive or bad drive in your vehicle.
Tire and Wheel Balance

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Having your new or used tires balanced can be the difference between a good drive or bad drive in your vehicle. Properly balanced and installed tires and wheels improve driver/vehicle safety, reduce tire wear and damage, increase your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and give you a comfortable vibration free ride.  If you are experiencing a vibration in your steering wheel and/or through your seat, or if your tires have an irregular wear pattern, your tires may be out-of-balance. We can fix that at Greater Vancouver Tires.

If your cars or truck tires are out of balance you’re going to notice this while driving, shaking and wobbling in the wheels and steering wheel is the most common indication of unbalanced wheels. This vibration normally occur after your speed reaches around 50KM per hour or more. But it’s not only the vibration you need to worry about, uneven tire wear will occur and poor control of the vehicle at higher speeds.


Greater Vancouver Tires  provides additional services at our New Westminster tire shop. Our car mechanics are skilled at wheel alignments, which prevent vehicles from shifting from side to side on smooth roads. Alignment problems can cause uneven tire wear and tread wear to occur much faster. Expensive components of the steering system may also be damaged.

Signs you need a wheel alignment include the car pulls to one side or another, it wanders, or there are unusual vibrations or changes in steering response. The steering wheel may even be crooked. Our mechanics check for signs of misalignment to ensure no other factors are affecting your ride. They can detect subtle changes in wheel angle from the center as seen from the front (camber) or the angle of the steering pivot as seen from the side (caster). Variations in distance between the front and back of front tires (toe-in) can also be examined.

When we balance your wheels, our car mechanics:

  • Remove the vehicle’s tires and wheels.
  • Mount them on an advanced balancing machine.
  • Spin the wheels to see if their weight is balanced evenly.
  • Attach small weights to correct imbalances.
  • Re-install the tires and wheels to your vehicle.


When you invest in a set of new tires or wheels, one of the experts at Greater Vancouver Tires will mount and balance them. The mounting process is pretty straightforward. It means putting the tires on the wheels and putting those wheels on the axles. The balancing process can be a bit more complex, but it needs to be done any time your tires are repaired or rotated.

When a wheel is “balanced,” the mass of the wheel and tire is evenly distributed all around the axle. In other words, there are no sections of the tire or rim that are heavier than other sections. A wheel can become unbalanced from damage or imperfection in the rubber or other materials. When it becomes unbalanced, you’re in for a bumpy (and even noisy) ride.

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